Creamer & Foamer


Creamers have usually contained a variety of fats such as coconut, palm and palm kernel. The fat content in creamer is variable between6.5 % to  35 %; while trans fatty acids less than 1%.

Some of Creamersare soluble in cold water.
good solubility, high-temperature stability, low pH and good creamy properties are common properties in creamers.



Our foamers which are containing various fat and protein percentage are applied ideally to create a creamy and milky foam. These foamers contain hydrogenated vegetable oils. 10-30 mm foaming height can be expectable when foamer is applied.
Great solubility, whitening effect, hard water stability, acidic pH and taste improvement (milky taste) are their common properties.


These two ingredients are consuming in different products. Coffee Beverages, 3 in 1 coffee, cappuccino, cold coffee drinks, vending machines and so on.