Cocoa Butter Oils

We are offering three types of product in this category:

  1. CBS Oil ( cocoa butter substitute )
  2. CBE Oil ( cocoa butter equivalent )
  3. CBR Oil ( cocoa butter replacer )



CBS ( Cocoa Butter Substitute )

CBS Substitutes made of palm kernel a being produced under fractionating technology, which is generally well replaced with cocoa butter.
These oils have great melting behaviour together with well resistant against oxidation and prevent from chocolate blooming during storage.

Low compatibility with cocoa butter, up to a maximum of 5% in the fat phase is based on lauric is like cocoa butter on the view of taste and melting point and not coagulated in need to be tempered, being crystallized quickly and is resistant against blooming.
It does not melt at high temperatures. The most important characteristics of these fats are their good brittleness and high thermal resistance.
This product is a high consumption oil serving a different part of the industry such as wafers, biscuits, marshmallows and as a raw material in the confectionery.

CBE ( cocoa butter equivalent )

The oil is non-hydrogenated and non-lauric and is free of trans fatty acids that are obtained from palm fruit. This oil is very similar to cocoa butter and can be replaced partially or completely with cocoa butter to reduce the final price of the product.

CBR ( cocoa butter replacer )

Alternatives to cocoa butter are oils that do not require tempering. The final improvements of the texture, the ideal taste, and its proper melting point are some of the benefits of this product.
It is relatively compatible with cocoa butter (up to a maximum of 20% in the fat phase).